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Ultimate book list is a database of personalised book recommendations from popular celebrities and public figures


The existing app needed a re-design from a rudimentary and outdated looking design that had been created to serve the functionality of the site. The founder's vision was to make the product much more visually pleasing and make it more cohesive across the board. They wanted to create an experience of browsing a library, whilst taking inspiration from the familiarity of Spotify's UI.


Due to the founder's request, I drew strong inspiration from Spotify and a dark theme. This would allow for a more intuitive experience for user's who regularly use Spotify and makes for browsing the app with ease. I selected a strong purple primary colour, to create a sense of trust and reliability. I included a slight purple saturation with the dark background to add more character in line with the focus on the personalities on the site. I wanted a user to be drawn in by personalities they admire, so I brought their faces front and centre on the site to reinforce the sense of familiarity and trust.

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