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Dirtsat is a service to check if your building's rooftop is viable for a green roof in New York. If viable, you can then source funding options and certified builders to start building your green roof.


A front end website and back-end app had to be designed from scratch, whilst remaining in line with the existing branding.


I integrated the existing assets of the impressive rooftop gardens heavily in to the public website. I wanted to showcase the scale and beauty of the green roofs, whilst showing off their almost geometric layouts. A green overlay was used on top of the imagery to keep contrast high and improve legibility throughout. I used 'space mono' font to match the modern, geometric feel from the rooftop imagery. On the back-end application, I maintained the geometric and theme through the use of thin stroke outlines and contrasting cards to separate the content within each dashboard view. This also added space and order to the dashboard, in addition to matching the segmented sections of the green roof imagery.

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