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Hive is a subscription based service whereby users pay to access a database of Australian journalists and influencers.


To create both the front-end public facing website and the back-end application where users can access Hive's database of Australian journalists, with the ability to search by location, filter, create custom lists and manage their subscriptions.


The main challenge was to make the user's interactions with the list functionality as seamless as possible. The options to view either a single, multiple or entire list of journalists meant that every variation was concise with clear direction to the user on how to navigate between all of these options. Special consideration was made on how a user deals with the credit payment system - viewing 1 journalist's data equates to 1 credit. Therefore I had to ensure that a user is notified when credits were being used, how many credits they had remaining on their plan and how to purchase more credits when they had used up their allocation.

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Ultimate book list
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