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Jeremiah is a private journalling application, where users follow a 'journey' of posts with daily tasks and inspiration pieces.


Starting from a blank canvas, the app needed to be simple, straight forward yet elegant. As it is not a public facing application, there was no requirement for any public or marketing content.


The main challenge here was to make the application feel complete, yet not empty, with only a small amount of content. For this reason I aimed to utilise the white space to pad out the designs, whilst bringing a sense of calm and serenity to the user. I integrated dashes to highlight direction and the feeling of following a journey. This was matched by inputs with single bottom stroke borders, which also increased the white space twofold. I opted for a serif font, Playfair Display, to complement the white space and direction themes, all to reinforce the feeling of serenity and clarity of mind when using the application.

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